Bogner Uberschall Overdrive Pedal


Dubbed “Armageddon in a Box”, the ferocious Uberschall pedal derives its thunderous hi-gain tones from the notoriously brutal Bogner Uberschall amplifier. While the Uberschall pedal offers a significant range of classic lower and medium gains, its true nature comes forth when deliver­ing savage, face-melting, high-gain aggression.

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  • Volume / Treble / Middle / Bass / Gain knobs
  • Boost
  • LED status indicators
  • Remote socket
  • Requires 9V battery or PSU [Center negative]

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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 7 cm






The career of Reinhold Bogner has seen him go from a revolutionary of amp-modding to his current status as a giant of the guitar amplifier industry. And through it all, he has brought his passion for detail and sonic expression to everything he does.
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